REVELution Jewelry

REVELution and R.E.A.P.

REVELution is an artisan based jewelry business that is founded on the premise of giving back and our goal is to empower and give hope to disenfranchised women. We believe that by tapping into our creativity and sharing it with others, we can positively impact the lives of women in need.

REVELution’s Entrepreneur & Apprenticeship Program (R.E.A.P.) is a 6 week  training journey designed to teach women the artisan craft of copper and silver jewelry making and design.  Our apprenticeship program empowers these women with a skill set they can use in future endeavors.  These are women who need inspiration, who crave creative outlets, and who will benefit greatly from the financial gain they will receive.  At the completion of the program, we pay the women directly for each piece they make and then take the completed pieces to the retail market.

REVELution’s current project is called The Transformation Initiative:  Unbroken Wings Discovered. We directly link with organizations who foster a foundation of hope for women, and as part of our initiative, we offer free jewelry classes. The women who are part of our program create butterfly wings which are attached to our Transformation necklaces, bracelets and earrings and 25% of the proceeds from jewelry sales then go directly back to R.E.A.P program for us to work with other organizations. The organization we are currently working with is Hannah’s Home of South Florida.   

The butterfly wing has been chosen for our first design, as it represents our foundational platform for offering wings of hope and supporting transformation by inspiring other women to tap into their creativity so they may benefit from the healing aspect of this process.  Visit  our store to buy yours today!