REVELution Jewelry

Crystal Kelly and Jamie Franks, Cofounders of REVELution

A REVEL-ution (from Old French reveler ‘rise up in rebellion,’ from Latin rebellare ‘to rebel.’) is a fundamental change in personal power that takes place in a relatively short period of time when self-love and creativity is a source of strength to rise up in rebellion from self-doubt.

The Idea

REVELution is a social entrepreneurship business founded on the principles of creativity, strength, and community.  We work with disenfranchised women across the world and provide classes and apprenticeships in the art of copper and silver jewelry making.  Our jewelry line is made by women, for women.  Partnering with nonprofit organizations who inspire hope in women’s lives, our business model goes in and provide FREE training, FREE materials, and FREE mentorship to train them how to make the various pieces in our designs. We pay women directly for each piece they make, giving them a path to financial empowerment.  REVELution donates a portion of sales back to our entrepreneurship and apprenticeship program (R.E.A.P.), allowing us to continuously expand the number of places and therefore the number of women we work with at a time.

The Products

Elemental and rustic in design, each piece accentuates the elegance and raw nature of the feminine.  We use repurposed and recycled materials in every piece.  Copper has long been used as a healing metal, especially for arthritis and rheumatism. It has been used to correct blood and metabolism disorders and also acts as a conductor of energy when worn on the body. Copper produces an enhanced healing effect when worn with other stones carrying healing properties.  On a holistic level, copper has historically been associated as the body metal, and is considered a grounding metal for the human body. Silver is the metal of the spirit, and it is the metal of emotions, love and healing.  Another aspect of the silver natural healing belief is that wearing this jewelry brings the wearer more in tune with the vibrations and flow of the universe. Medically, silver has been known to enhance the production of hormones and regulate the function of glands. By combining these two soft metals, strength of body and spirit is united in each piece.

Join Us

Join us in the REVELution!  Sport some beautiful jewelry while you are part of helping another woman rise!  Visit our store, buy pieces made by incredible, powerful women, and help them rise. 25% of all proceeds go right back into our business to empower other women.  

We want to hear from you!

Do you know an organization we should work with or have a contact for getting our work into retail markets?  If so, visit our Contact Us page -- we can't wait to hear from you!  This is all about community, sharing, networking, and growing a movement.